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Inductive Automation Discovery Day


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How to Leverage Ignition and MQTT to Build a Better Architecture for Oil & Gas

There’s a new architecture revolutionizing the way oil & gas companies connect to their data. Discover how migrating from a typical poll-response, round-robin topology to a bandwidth-efficient publish/subscribe system using MQTT can decrease latency and help get critical data to your entire enterprise instantly.

Come to this free one-day seminar to how using MQTT and the Ignition industrial application platform can catapult your enterprise into the forefront of the Digital Transformation. Learn how to build a complete IIoT infrastructure — from the network’s edge to the Cloud and to local sites — all on one platform.

Attend this event to learn:

  • How to accelerate innovation within your organization
  • How to slash operational costs and improve efficiency
  • How IIoT can help you connect to more data, more easily
  • How to improve executive decision-making through real-time data access
  • How to build open, secure, and interoperable SCADA, MES, and IIoT solutions using Ignition’s fully integrated development tools

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