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  2. Hi Connor- Yes, you can do this using Capsule Properties. Capsule properties can be displayed as the header of Scorecard columns (in place of the start / end time). More information on this can be found here: Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Lindsey
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  4. Hi Muhammad, We would need to look through the logs to determine why auto-login is not functioning properly. The following article will help you submit the logs and open a ticket containing them. https://seeq.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/114395156/Viewing+Logs+and+Sending+Log+Files+to+Seeq Very Respectfully, Mike Cantrell
  5. Hey Lindsey, Thank you for your reply. When I am specifying the condition (event frames) that I would like to display the value for, can I also display the value of the Event Frame itself in place of the start / end time of that event frame (Column headers in your screenshot above)? Conor
  6. Hi Connor - To display the value of a signal during each capsule (event frame), you will want to create a Condition based scorecard (as you've done). However, the item to measure should be the signal. With the signal selected, you won't need to select a statistic (since you just want the value) and specify the condition (event frames) that you like to display the value for. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Lindsey
  7. Hi, Running SEEQ R50.4.5. Is the following possible? I want to be able to create a table displaying Event Frames from PI, the start/end time of each of these Event Frames and then the values from certain signals (Batch ID's) that occur for each of those Event Frame capsule. I have tried to create this using the Scorecard feature but not exactly appearing how I'd like. I would like to see the value for each Event Frame instead of the start/time (Or in addition to this at least). Conor
  8. Hi Sivaji, Is the asset tree made using Seeq's Python library (SPy) or is it made from a connector? For non-SPy based trees, you would need to use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to add signals into the asset tree. This process can be complex and dependent on the use case so I'd recommend emailing support@seeq.com for assistance. If the asset tree is made via SPy and you're looking to include new calculations/signals in the asset tree, you should be able to just add the calculations as part of your tree and re-push it. The existing tree will stay as is but will get appended with the ne
  9. Thanks a lot for the response. Yes the same article I used to configure. Even after getting all the steps done, auto login and default id as well set, and testing from my separate machine, it is still prompting username password to login. will try to raise a ticket for the matter, in the meanwhile if you can direct anything i can check, i have checked the SPN setting and service account used, it is correct, what else could be checked? BR Muhammad
  10. Hi Sivaji Unfortunately there is not a workaround to plot a vertical line for average capsule duration in Capsule Time. However, I have logged a Feature Request for this item (CRAB-24964). Additionally, I have linked you to the Feature Request via Support Ticket SUP-27734. This ensures that you will be notified of any progress towards implementation. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, Lindsey
  11. Hi Muhammad, After configuring the SPN there are two more steps required to enable Single Sign On. The Windows Authentication KB article links to these steps. I have also included them here. First you must configure a default Login Directory. Secondly you must enable Auto-Login. If Single Sign On does not work after these configuration changes are applied (or if you would like support enabling them) please email support@seeq.com to open a ticket. Very Respectfully, Mike Cantrell
  12. Hi Sivaji, Thank you for your feedback! We do have an open feature request for this enhancement, but I don't have a timeline for its development. If you email this same request to support@seeq.com, I will make sure we link your Support Ticket to our work order so you receive updates when the enhancement is available. Regards, Katie
  13. Sometimes when looking at an xy plot, it can be helpful to use lines to designate regions of the chart that you'd like users to focus on. In this example, we want to draw a rectangle on the xy plot showing the ideal region of operation, like below. We can do this utilizing Seeq's ability to display formulas overlaid against an xy plot. 1. For this first step, we will create a ~horizontal line on the scatter plot at y=65. This can be achieved using a y=mx+b formula with a very small slope, and a y-intercept of 65. The equation for this "horizontal" line on the xy plot is: 0.00001
  14. Hi Muhammad, I'd recommend emailing support@seeq.com for further assistance so a member of our System Reliability team can schedule a meeting with you to look over the issue. Feel free to copy and paste exactly what you've wrote here and suggest times for a potential meeting.
  15. Not exactly similar to this topic, but i was enabling the kerberos authentication on the windows based Seeq system. The guidelines mentioned in the article for authenticiation has been completely followed, including getting SPN registered, service account and NTLM has been working fine so no issue of trust. After getting the SPN done, the browser is still asking for a login credentials. Is there anything else that need to be done to make it SSO, as the steps mentioned on Seeq article does not seem to fulfil the task? Any help will be good. Thanks! PS. i am trying to use a different compu
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  17. Hi Thorsten, Thank you very much for your response, I did try that out and for some reason it is exporting forever. I have no explanation why, since it is such a small amount of data I'm trying to export. Kind Regards, Rosa
  18. Having a calendar view pop-up as an addition to existing datetimestamp edit, looks like a cool feature to me.
  19. I was wondering if there is any workaround to plot vertical line for Average capsule duration on a capsule view trend? Or any solution similar would also help.
  20. Hi Rosa, have you tried keeping just the calculated signal in the list of signals used for the export? Using the OData Feed URL for Excel (I do not have Power BI) just exports 30 values. Regards, Thorsten
  21. I tried to export data through the odata feed to PowerBI. It is very time-consuming to load the data into PowerBI since it is trying to read all the data points which is very heavy. I was trying to find a solution to only read the calculated data which is a daily average, which means it is for a month about 30 data points only. As I mentioned before, it is not only exporting those 30 data points, it is trying to read all the data available in SEEQ to just export those 30 data points. Is there a way to make this process faster?
  22. If you don't mind, please raise a support ticket from HERE so that this issue can be tracked by the Seeq team. Thanks.
  23. This is unusual, will setup meeting for tomorrow at 11am. I suspect then some cleanup in the registry maybe due.
  24. Well infact, i cleaned all the folders from all drives which were seeq associated. My timezone is UTC +3 will be available after 10.30 UTC+3
  25. Tomorrow morning is fine, I think when uninstalling, you may have missed to delete the Seeq data folder. After you have uninstalled using the normal process, the data folder is usually located at "C:\ProgramData\Seeq". you will need to delete this folder and then re-try the installation. What time are you available to morrow morning and what is your timezone?
  26. Can we connect tomorrow morning to have a discussion on it, i will not be able to join at 4.
  27. Alfred is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Alfred's Zoom Meeting Time: May 4, 2021 16:00 Nairobi Join Zoom Meeting https://seeq.zoom.us/j/96135958553 Meeting ID: 961 3595 8553
  28. Yes, i have been working with the representative team, but thought to post here in case anyone has some different answer or has seen this before.
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