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Better Together: Why Connecting IT/OT with Seeq Enables Machine Learning Success


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Machine Learning (ML) is a top priority for most manufacturing organizations— and for good reason. Machine Learning models can simulate processes and predict outcomes, drive continuous improvement cycles, and enable manufacturers to proactively maintain and optimize equipment. That’s a big deal; it can mean millions of dollars in savings and efficiencies in a short amount of time.

However, leveraging Machine Learning in manufacturing settings is not as simple as finding the right algorithm or hiring data scientists. The engineers and plant operations personnel that understand their processes and the associated sensor data are critical participants in any effort to apply ML in an industrial context. They’re the folks that must understand and trust the predictions. They will want to carefully vet changes and then verify results.

In these scenarios, Information Technology (IT) personnel like sysadmins and data scientists bring the algorithms and software knowledge – often including programming skills. Operational Technology (OT) employees like chemical engineers and operations managers bring the real-world manufacturing and process knowledge. The last necessary piece is an environment where they can collaborate effectively. Otherwise, promising ML initiatives can end up as frustrating failures.

Seeq provides key components to enable IT/OT teamwork for successful Machine Learning efforts: data access, cleansing and contextualization; algorithm development and iterative workflow; collaboration and knowledge capture; publishing of Machine Learning models with simple point-and-click, workflow-centric interfaces for the OT personnel; and now a rich ecosystem of community-based ML solutions for manufacturing environments via the Seeq Open Source Gallery.


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