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Create Topic with Seeq-API and fill with dynamically created documents / pages

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I´m planning to do the following but I´m not sure if this is feasable via the seeq Rest api and Python

There is a Seeq "Template" (a monthly Report) -> a Organizer Topic with 1 Page (document).
Within this document are some data-ranges defined and there are some text fields (with f.e. the Name of the regarding month)

If a new month begins, python will have the name of the just finished month together with the data ranges.

Now can this be automated via the seeq-rest-api: ?
Use the "Template" document and create a new document in another Organizer Topic, rename it, modify the data-ranges,
automatically update the linked seeq content of the page and rename some text fields (with f.e. the Name of the regarding month)
As far I know, there is only the Date Ranges Variables in the Org. Topic, so I guess it is difficult to update the text fields.

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To change the text in a document you would need to alter the HTML. It could probably be automated with spy.workbooks but it would be a lot of work. Also, if you wanted to copy the report and reuse it you would need to create a new script or make an addition to the script to separately handle the HTML for the new topic since they won’t be the same.

I am not sure what version you are on but in newer versions you have the ability to make a date range as a text label. This feature might be what you are looking for. See screenshot below.


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