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In some cases you may want to do a calculation (such as an average) for a specific capsule within a condition. In Seeq Formula, the toGroup() function can be used to get a group of capsules from a condition (over a user-specified time period). The pick() function can then be used to select a specific capsule from the group. The Formula example below illustrates calculating an average temperature for a specific capsule in a high temperature condition. 

// Calculate the average temperature during a user selected capsule of a high temperature
// condition. (The high temperature condition ($HighT) was created using the Value Search tool.)
// To prevent an unbounded search for the capsules, must define the search start/end to use in toGroup().
// Here, $capsule simply defines a search time period and does not refer to any specific capsules in the $HighT condition.
$capsule = capsule('2019-06-19T09:00Z','2019-07-07T12:00Z')
// Pick the 3rd capsule of the $HighT condition during the $capsule time period.
// We must specify capsule boundary behavior (Intersect, EnclosedBy, etc.) to 
// define which $HighTcapsules are used and what their boundaries are (see 
// CapsuleBoundary documentation within the Formula tool for more information). 
$SelectedCapsule = $HighT.toGroup($capsule,CapsuleBoundary.EnclosedBy).pick(3)
// Calculate the temperature average during the selected capsule.


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Here's another method to pick a specific capsule within a condition. In this example, the user want to pick the first capsule from condition 2 within condition 1.

Use formula tool:

.transform($c -> 

The output:




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