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  1. Hi Matthias, The first question is to identify each maximum peak of the blue trend : 1. First apply an agileFilter to remove noisy signal and calculate the derivative of the signal. Please refer to formula documentation for derivative. Example: $signal.agileFilter(15min).derivative('min') 2. Then use value search to identify increasing trend, example as below and you can optimize accordingly. or you can refer to step 4 and 5 from this post : 3. Use Signal from condition to find the maximum value bounded to the condition created in step 2 and place the timestamp at point of max value: Second Question : Rate of change of one peak and the upcoming peak 4. We can apply the same derivative function. Example: $max.derivative('min') Third Question : to detect a significant change of the signal (marked by red X's) 5. The max derivative will increase or decrease significantly when there's a sudden change. Example here, we're using the threshold of +-0.005 to detect the changes for max rate decrease and increase respectively. Forth Question : to know its Duration (marked by the red arrows) : 6. Use Composite condition to join ''Rate Decreased'' and ''Rate Increased" 8. Calculate Total Duration of ''Join Decreased to Increased'' condition using signal from condition tool. Please give this a try to your signal and let us know if you have further question.
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  2. Wow! Very good description and explanation! Thank you very much - it worked for me.
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