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  1. spy.search with all_properties=Ture returns with the follows: 'ID', 'Name', 'Description', 'Type', 'Value Unit Of Measure', 'Datasource Name', 'Archived', 'Scoped To', 'Cache Enabled', 'Cache ID', 'Data ID', 'Datasource Class', 'Datasource ID', 'Enabled', 'Formula', 'Interpolation Method', 'Key Unit Of Measure', 'Maximum Interpolation', 'UIConfig', 'Unsearchable', 'Formula Parameters' How to get the full path of a signal? Thanks!
  2. I used Quantify>>Scorecard Metric to calculate a monthly average of a daily average signal, which starts at 12:00AM each day. However, the monthly average signal starts at 5:00PM everyday, is there a way by which I can change it to 12:00AM? If I use runningAggregate in formula, I do not have this problem.
  3. The server has been upgraded yesterday, it has fixed the problem so far.
  4. Thanks, Joe! This is indeed what I want.
  5. Thanks, Shamus and Joe! How about any numbers which are not coming from signals, let's say 23, 14.5, -3, 0, 65, 4, could we set those numbers as properties of the capsules?
  6. I have only 6 capsules under a condition. Without importing CSV file, could I set a property for capsules by giving different numbers? Thanks!
  7. At present, I am using workbench to create signals on a project. With the number of worksheet increasing, I started to see 'Page Unresponsive" appear on screen, and sometimes the pages collapsed, it shows "Out of Memory". Do you have a solution for it, or a rule of thumb to follow so as to avoid it? Thanks!
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