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  1. I used Quantify>>Scorecard Metric to calculate a monthly average of a daily average signal, which starts at 12:00AM each day. However, the monthly average signal starts at 5:00PM everyday, is there a way by which I can change it to 12:00AM? If I use runningAggregate in formula, I do not have this problem.
  2. The server has been upgraded yesterday, it has fixed the problem so far.
  3. Thanks, Joe! This is indeed what I want.
  4. Thanks, Shamus and Joe! How about any numbers which are not coming from signals, let's say 23, 14.5, -3, 0, 65, 4, could we set those numbers as properties of the capsules?
  5. I have only 6 capsules under a condition. Without importing CSV file, could I set a property for capsules by giving different numbers? Thanks!
  6. At present, I am using workbench to create signals on a project. With the number of worksheet increasing, I started to see 'Page Unresponsive" appear on screen, and sometimes the pages collapsed, it shows "Out of Memory". Do you have a solution for it, or a rule of thumb to follow so as to avoid it? Thanks!
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