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  1. I have a trend that has 3 capsules out of 9 possibilities active at any given time. Is there a way that I can display in a table which capsules are currently active?
  2. I am trying to create a capsule for the last year that changes based on the current value. I have a data item that is a certain product code that changes on no set interval. I want to be able to automatically calculate the average value of a different data item during all the instances of the given product for the last year. Example: Currently making product A. Formula should calculate the average temperature of all the times we were making product A in the last year. Tomorrow making product B. The same formula should calculate the average temperature of all the times making product B in the last year. Rather than manually creating capsules for each product, I would like a formula that will do this because of the large number of different products. How can I do this?
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