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  1. Hi, I am trying to move folder from "My folder" to "Shared" but it does not work. Anyone could help me with this problem? Thanks
  2. I created scorecard when the signal reach high alarm. $f=($signal < $alarm).afterStart(1s) $f.toSignal('End').toLinear(1d).toString() .replace('/(?<year>....)-(?<month>..)-(?<day>..)T(?<hour>..):(?<minute>..):(?<sec>..)(?<dec>.*)Z/' , '${month}-${day}-${year} ${hour}:${minute}') The value comes out like this I want to change the date format
  3. Oh sorry, my mistake. I mean this formula. //Below transform is Optional to view the timestamp in a neater format of MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM .replace('/(?<year>....)-(?<month>..)-(?<day>..)T(?<hour>..):(?<minute>..):(?<sec>..)(?<dec>.*)Z/' , '${month}/${day}/${year} ${hour}:${minute}') I want to show the scorecard value as a date "20 April 2022" like this.
  4. How to customize timestamp format, if I want to display like this "20 April 2022"?
  5. Hi John, I already created $runs condition for top-up to top-up and generate the time counter. But the time counter turns out different from yours (pic below) I used the same formula
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create forecast when the pressure will reach low alarm after last top up (top up indicate with red mark in pic below) Now, I'm temporary using this formula: $signal.agileFilter(10min).forecastLinear(3d, 1 mo) But this formula will calculate the forecast with 3 days ago data, not the last top up. Is there another way to create the forecast based on specific signal value? not a fixed day? Thank you
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