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  1. Seeq is Changing the paradigm of analytics to empower engineers There is a current industry focus on "prescriptive analytics,” the ability to identify assets that will soon need maintaining and to prescribe the best actions to take. It sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it? But it’s not. View the full article
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  13. Well Completion Analysis kaliejstanton@… Thu, 10/04/2018 - 13:46 Industry Oil & Gas Challenge Optimizing well completion design and well spacing is complex Wells interact with the reservoir and each other, requiring a lot of engineering expertise. Calculations are performed manually on paper to identify treating pressure changes over time. Analysis must be completed on 1000’s of wells; sometimes it is not done at all Solution Perform analysis such the delta between Instantaneous Shut-in Pressure (ISIP) and the settled pressure. Identifying these stages across multiple wells on the same completion system, called “zipper” systems. Seeq can do the calculation across all the wells in an enterprise and visualize the changes over time. Benefits Calculations and visuals provided completion engineers with data to optimize completions across wells. Data Sources Process Data Historian: OSIsoft PI Asset Structure: OSIsoft Asset Framework Prior to using Seeq, the engineers performed this analysis by manually drawing a line on paper to calculate the ISIP. Data Cleansing Invalid data points from comm dropouts are removed. The wells on the zipper systems are isolated so analytics can be performed separately on each well. Calculations and Capsules Capsules for well stages and the time just after the well is shut-in. ISIP is calculated based on the average pressure after the stage. The “Delta Pressure” is ISIP minus the settling pressure. This gives the completion engineer insight into how the well is behaving. Summarizing Results Delta pressures for each well can be benchmarked and reported over time. Use Case Activity Asset Optimization Data Analysis Use Case Business Improvement Regulatory Yield View the full article
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