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  1. Thank you for the reply! So far OData is working pretty well for my needs. However, I get a weird issue with the data tables that I pull using the ODATA functionality... For some reason, the data auto-formats to a string/text data type once it enters the excel table. This makes it a little harder to work with because I can't run basic number formulas on the ODATA table (like max, min, avg, etc). But I'm still able to get the data into EXCEL, and that's a huge first step! Next step is figuring out how to have the data tables formatted appropriately, and then after that exploring options for making the data pulls a little faster (I have 3 ODATA queries for 3 different SEEQ worksheets, I might have to concolidate all the SEEQ signals and calcs to a single SEEQ workseet to make it a single ODATA query).
  2. I've got an excel monitoring tool that our operators will use daily. I'd like to be able to build a functionality within the excel tool for pulling data directly from SEEQ into the excel tool. Ideally, I could build some VBA query that works in the background to pull the data from SEEQ using the API, and our operators just click a button to run the VBA code that will query the SEEQ API. Is there a way to do this? To pull data directly from SEEQ without leaving the EXCEL environment?
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