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  1. Hi Shamus, Thanks for this, this does help with what I'm after. The use case is to align conditions upstream of a variable speed conveyor belt with events downstream. Ideally the signal to adjust by would be an integral of the conveyor speed speed (i.e. integral of conveyor belt speed until it reaches total travel distance, for example if it travelled constantly at 6m/s and conveyor distance was 6,000m the offset time would be 1,000 seconds). The other tricky part is given the majority of the analysis is downstream of the variable speed conveyor (so uses the downstream point as the base reference of time). I'd ideally like to set the integral up to calculate 'backwards' from the downstream event (i.e. integrate values backwards from a downstream reference point until it reaches the conveyor distance of 6,000m). This would then determine the correct time offset for the capsule/window for the upstream events. Regards, Brett
  2. Hi Sean, I'm looking to move a capsule by a variable amount (similar to the move option above but for a capsule not a signal), how would I achieve this?
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