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  1. I´m planning to do the following but I´m not sure if this is feasable via the seeq Rest api and Python There is a Seeq "Template" (a monthly Report) -> a Organizer Topic with 1 Page (document). Within this document are some data-ranges defined and there are some text fields (with f.e. the Name of the regarding month) If a new month begins, python will have the name of the just finished month together with the data ranges. Now can this be automated via the seeq-rest-api: ? Use the "Template" document and create a new document in another Organizer Topic, rename it, modify the data-ranges, automatically update the linked seeq content of the page and rename some text fields (with f.e. the Name of the regarding month) As far I know, there is only the Date Ranges Variables in the Org. Topic, so I guess it is difficult to update the text fields.
  2. Thanks alot guys for you help. Working now from seeq import spy from seeq import sdk spy.login(access_key="CagR-n4oQGqjlAb7e6fr3B", password="Ec9DaXnSXgaG969cjkv4d4iGdGiAah" ,url="https://myseeqserver") items_api = sdk.ItemsApi(spy.client) # f.e. items_api.get_item_and_all_properties(id='4F88E997-FAAA-431E-873F-DEE98F0E653B')
  3. Thanks I already checked that Page. It is still no clear for me, which lines to code to do the auth with an access_key
  4. Hello together, I can connect to a seek server api (via access_key) without problems with the seeq.spy module from https://pypi.org/project/seeq/ Does anyone know how connect with the seeq.sdk module from this package using a seeq access_key ?
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