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  1. Is there a detailed documentation for the available key words arguments to pick for the Metric attribute properties. For example, it was not straight forward to know which keyword to pick for getting the Statistic = Value at End (the AggregationFunction was called differently 'endValue' In other words, Can we assume all the attribute properties will have the same name as the GUI drop down menu list items ? Please see some screenshots attached to illustrate the quesiton:
  2. Thanks Sanman .. the SDK reference will be rally helpful. In the 'Step-by=step..' code for Aseet tree push, is there a way to prevent existing worksheets from getting archived ? (I originally thought it never did that but seeing it happen on my current workbook)
  3. Hello Sanman - I had a follow-up question on this same subject. I am able to 'Unarchive' a worksheet by using spy.pull, knowing the specific worksheet ID (fortunatley because it was used in a Organizer topic) I want to confirm if there is a spy function that can retrieve 'Archived' worksheets inside a workbook? Scenario: When I am using the 'Step-by-step.." code to push an Asset Tree in existing workbook, it archives the pre-existing worksheets. Ran into this in one of my use-cases (for Temp Mixing points asset tree I was showing you a while ago). This can be a critical workflow step in my use-case for data-lab coding for 'unarchiving worksheet' whenever the asset tree needs an update from the end-users. Adding some code snippets on how I am doing it today... Thank you.
  4. I am frequently getting the following error message (screenshot attached) while updating my KPI metrics table. Is there any specific root cause for this or just a random glitch in the data queries ? Thank you.
  5. Can the above method be utilized to push a custom Python plot (for example, generated using python visualization libraries) to a WORKBENCH ? I have seen some advanced topics covering how to push it to Organizer topics (requires HTML type but was wondering if it can be done to a workbench.
  6. Thank you Sanman - I believe there is a difference in speed when the calculated signal is pushed as an "Asset Attribute" (and cached for each Asset) VS. keeping it as a "work-sheet (cached formula has to re-populate when swapping assets).
  7. I need to calculate a simple difference (delta) between two time series signals feeding from Continuous Historian to SeeQ over the past history (10 years) and keep it available in SeeQ for other aggregate calculations. This will have to be done over several Assets in an Asset tree (similar to the Example tree above). Currently, my workbooks are trying to calculate 'just-in-time' whenever we open the workbook which is causing a lot of time lag in getting the outputs as it is waiting to first pull and calculate the delta value between the two signals. Will taking the above approach speed up my worksheet calculation performance/speed if the the delta value was pre-pushed with SeeQ data lab on a regular basis (say, daily) ? I am also planning to combine with the Asset tree signal push script shared by SeeQ team member in another post.
  8. HI Thorsten, Thankyou very much, these functions are great solutions to my questions (and more...)
  9. I have a continuous time signal (say T) and a capsule defined by value search (eg. simple capsule Y>120) where Y is another signal. I want to get the histogram of only the values of T that satisfy the the capsule condition, i.e., Get hist(T) from data pulled for all capsules where (Y(t)>120)
  10. If I accidentally deleted a Worksheet (send it to Trash), is there any way SeeQ internal support can help to recover it ?
  11. I am trying to share a bunch of analysis and reports with a large group in a department within my org that does not have SeeQ account access by default - can the weblink of the Organizer be accessed by such a individual who does not have a SeeQ account ?
  12. In the above demo, there is an option to make the sheet "interactive" - I do not see it under my org's SeeQ platform. Is this a new feature that is recently released? Also, curios what the "interactive" option gives the the user of the Organizer reports to manipulate. Thanks
  13. Can a SeeQ condition be added as an "attribute" (Process Value) to each asset by some method (either while creating the asset tree via csv import or after the asset tree is create) ? Context: I am looking to have the same condition formula applied to different assets but keeping certain parameters flexible. For example, I am checking is $signal > 7 for Pump A vs $signal > 10 for pump B, where $signal is the same calc across all pumps.
  14. When I import a new Asset Tree using csv (after opening a Workbwench), the Asset Name/Tree is visible only from the parent workbench I started with. Is this by design of SeeQ or just an artifact of how asset trees visibility is managed in my org's SeeQ platform ?
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