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  1. Thanks Emilio, this was very helpful. Do I create the condition from the asset group by selecting add calculated item or is this condition made from inside the table? Also if I wanted to color code it to make a scorecard would you create that condition form the table or in the asset group?
  2. I am trying to make a table like one I have in excel where I have multiple rows of data each with different values (see attached snip). The best I can do in a Seeq organizer topic is to create 2 separate tables. See snip attached. Is there anyway to get all of that data onto one table?
  3. Is there a way I can embed a live chart from a Power BI dashboard into a Seeq organizer topic?
  4. Thanks Joanna! The idea of a new Organizer Topic each week had not occurred to me but may work pretty well. The other thing I tried was to make a seeq data tag for comments and just insert a data table with the comment but I can't format the font or text size.
  5. I write a weekly unit report (currently using excel) I want to use Seeq for this report but one functionality I need is to be able to save the comments I put in and look back at them. Basically in 3 years form now I want to be able to enter a date into Seeq and pull up my old report even with the comments I made back then. Is this possible?
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