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  1. Hi Sanjhosh, Lindsey may have a better answer, but if you just need to manually remove a single capsule from the condition, what I would do is create a custom condition, call it the subtraction condition, selecting only the capsule you don't want included in your final condition. Then I would use a composite condition with the 'a minus b' option to return capsules from your original condition minus the capsules in your subtraction condition. For example, if I had the below and wanted to remove the circled capsule: I would click on that capsule then open the custom condition tool: Then create the composite condition with that capsule removed:
  2. In reading through the documentation, I see that it is advisable to run Seeq remote agents as a service under a user account with access to the data source. My question is: Can that user account be the same as the user account created for the main seeq server, or should the domain admin create a separate domain accounts for the server and any remote agents in use?
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