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  1. Hi - we have some solutions where the datalab pushes html / pictures to an Organizer topic. Typically the push happens every 15 minutes. Two requests 1) This functionality may exist but can an organizer page auto-refresh on a frequency such as if someone was looking at 1 page it would update without needing to manually refresh the browser. 2) Could a view be shared so that when someone is in this view there is a rotation of selected screens e.g. rotating every 30seconds (configurable by the viewer or creator). e.g. This could enable a view with e.g. 3 screens relevant to a particular Manufactuing area to be displayed in that area on a common screen. The operators in the area would see the 3 displays rotating through. Thanks in advance
  2. Great! Hopefully this will be a reality soon - if i can clearly demonstrate user engagement on an early use case in progress, especially into a non technical support audience, this will help greatly to engage our wider tech support and management group to start using SEEQ more widely. Thank you!
  3. Hi - maybe this feature exists but would like to get usage statistics for an organizer topic. Would like to be able to show that we are reaching a wide variety of users (e.g. general operators, engineers etc) and how much traffic the topic gets weekly. Ideally this would look something like how many views by person within a date range which is totalized per user and overall usage. Background -> Engineer (not IT / admin etc) who has built an organizer topic and wants to launch to production and see if the engagement and usage is there to justify maintaining and expanding the information and analysis available. Currently general operators do not use similar dashboard/trending tools and looking to see if seeq organiser can change this. thanks
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