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  1. I've archived the workbook and tried replicating what I did and recreated a pushed signal so not exactly the same as the previous example. It looks like it's working. I will send a support ticket if I see the same phenomena again.
  2. I do think there is a valid value at that timestamp for the first example. The second example's timestamp is the exact same as the first. I tried setting grid=None and it did work, but I still am a little baffled as to why the first example displays null values instead.
  3. Hello, I am seeing something off in the spy.pull output on the same dataset. The only difference is that my 'start' argument was set differently. I suspect something's going on in the spy.pull library?
  4. Hello, I was referencing the spy documentations and found this (I think it was in one of the spy.assets module). May I know what open source libraries Seeq is using to generate the tree visualization show below? Or was that made from scratch within Seeq? Thank you, Ruby Han
  5. I'm receiving an error for scheduling every 1st sunday of the month.
  6. Great, that work! Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the quick response! To go one step further, how do I express "every 1st saturday of the month at 1am"?
  8. Hello, I am trying to express "every 1st saturday of the month" for spy.jobs.schedule(). Referenced site: https://www.freeformatter.com/cron-expression-generator-quartz.html based on helper doc string but gave me an error as shown below. Thanks in advance for the help! Ruby Han
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