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  1. Just on the first question, I have tried to swap a calculation that uses 2 different 'child' asset groups within a parent asset, however when I do this I get an error that says that all assets in the details pane need to be the same? Does this mean I need to reorganise my asset mapping or is there a better way? Thanks
  2. I am having some trouble getting the asset swapping and treemap functions working. I have a couple of questions: Does the asset being swapped need to be the direct parent of the signal? Does the entire asset tree structure need to be the same or only the elements of the signal that are being used in the calculation?
  3. I have generated a pump / system curve which I want to use to estimate theoretical pump efficiency. I an using the actual pressure differential across a pump, and I want to use the pump curve to determine efficiency using that pressure differential. I have previously a lookup table in excel to generate this model and want to try to replicate in SEEQ. I attemper to use the 'prediction tool', however I couldn't get close enough match for the predicted curve (see below). Any advice on how I could achieve this? I am effectively trying to simulate a lookup table in excel. 2019-06-05_10-14-10.SNAG
  4. Hi - I am wanting to get a time value for the last sample in a signal. What is the formula for this? I am using it to create a 24hr average from the last value in a signal, and have this updating as the signal is updated. the now() function takes the current time, not the last sample time. Any advice? Thanks
  5. Hi All, Just wondering if it is possible to export data (from workbench analysis) or tables (from organizer topics) to excel or CSV files? Thanks Ruben
  6. I am interested in creating a reference profile based on a rolling 'training window'. For example, I want to create a reference profile for a boundary based on the last 7 days of data, or the data for the same month last year. How would I go about doing this? Thanks
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