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  1. I have several histograms set up to evaluate our process performance based on product criteria. It works great, except for two things... Is there a way I can hide histograms like I can with signals and conditions? I want 14 histograms in my analysis, but with them all displayed at once, it's impossible to see the data. Secondly, is there a way to export the histogram data to Excel (or anything Excel can manage)? Right now I am trying to mouse over each bin result and record it, but that is very time consuming.
  2. Can those exports be set up to run automatically, then? We have other production data systems that email out daily reports.
  3. Thank you for your help. My signals don't have units. The displayed result is 0.333 % now, instead of 33%, though. The formula is 2/(2+4) from the last 3 rows of the table.
  4. I have a signal based on the formula: $a/($b+$c) and I want the result to display as a percentage (33%) instead of a decimal (0.333). I haven't had much luck adding % as a unit. How can I change what's displayed?
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