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  1. I would also like to avoid putting in dummy values like -999 for the other signals that don't have a pressure tag associated. Is there a way to assign a property of null/NaN? I'm thinking something like .setProperty("Max Pressure", "") but it would not be recognized as a string.
  2. A couple of issues when it comes to capsule properties: When trying to display a custom calculated property as a part of a table with assets, I get this error: property for reference: .setProperty("Max Pressure",$p,maxValue()), where $p is Pressure tag in kPa It works fine, when i take the add column approach and select pressure as a signal and hit max. Sometimes, the capsule property ends up correctly displaying but not after throwing a whole bunch of these errors. This capsule property does not exist for all conditions under all assets, even for the same named condition. I would expect the table to leave blanks for those cells, but instead it filters them out of the table completely. So if I want to display all conditions, I would have to make two tables: one that shows the properties that have them and one for conditions that don't have the property.
  3. When using capsule properties to do calculated values, the outputs of the signals have a lot of decimal places. I'm looking to trim that down to just 2. Example code: ($signal > $mop) .removeLongerThan(1d) .setProperty("MOP Percent",$mp,maxValue()) Where, $mp is $p/$l*100 (pressure signal/limit signal) I've tried adding .round(2) to the $signal, to the output of ($signal > $mop) and to $mp within the .setProperty() and all of them have the same issue of the .round() function converting the signal to a step function first, then applying the rounding criteria. This causes problems because I want the interpolated value between two raw data points. Resampling the data to a more frequent amount is not desired for risk of losing short (<2s) spikes that need to be caught. Resampling every second would be a lot of data points to calculate when doing historical analysis. Example condition, desired value is these to 2 decimal places. Samples are hours apart. Using .round() I get What's the best way to achieve this outcome?
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