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  1. Hi All, I'm trying to repeat one signal on continuous basis over the period of time.I have gone through "Repeating a signal into the future" Forum on SEEQ Community, on the basis of that i have tried and make the signal. Where in i get half of the signal and also gaps in between. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to perform Multiple IF Statement in seeq but don't have any clarity as to how should i perform. Can anyone tell me how should i apply it. I have gone through the Below links as well which are already available in seeq forum,it seems they're not helping either. Link :- Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  3. Hi All, I'm tying to upload a time series data which is like huge number of observation (around 600K observations) through CSV option. While uploading a file i'm getting an error as below. Could anyone please help me to resolve this problem. Note :- I have also convert the timestamp to seek compatible time stamp (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss) Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  4. Hi Teddy, It's version (R21.0.42.08-v201906200037) that i'm currently using. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  5. Hi All, I'm working on some data , wherein i have 6 Independent variable and 1 dependent variable. while running the Regression model on this data, i get very less Accuracy of model as mentioned in below screenshot. Note :- As far as data Pre-processing is concern , i have scale the features and also imputes the missing values on the basis of mean imputation. Do let me know if there's any pre-processing feature is there in seek to deal with data. Regards, JItesh Vachheta
  6. Hi Teddy, While Applying your solution for removing an edges, i'm getting an error as below. Formula Failed token recognition error at: '#' at '', line=1, column=0 (GET /api/formulas/compile 400 Bad Request) i have tried with the same data set as you selected in above example (ID_FAN_MOTOR,ID_FAN_VIBRATION) Regards, Jitesh
  7. Hey Danilo, Would you mind sharing some code snippet or something to demonstrate. Lets say you have a scalar values like "I/O Error".Now how can you remove this and replace the respective missing spots with mean or median. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to get a solution for the missing value imputation. Is there any ways to it like filling missing values with "Mean" or "Median". Below is the screenshot for the same. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  9. Hi All, I'm dealing with batch data ,where in i need to get a batch duration ( which is not fixed for all the batches data). Do we have any ways to get a capsule for each of the batches duration to distinguish all the batches separately. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  10. Hi All, I've uploaded one sample file wherein i have 11 columns with Timestamp.Now in order to import all the 10 columns. I have to reiterate the entire activity 10 times to upload all the column into SEEQ. Do any one know how do we import all the columns in one go in Import CSV Function. Note :- Few Columns have difference in unit of measurement.will there be any issue if we ignore this. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
  11. Hi All, I've got few Scaler values in my data-set (E.g High,On,OFF) , I have convert all of them into Capsule by toCapsule() Function. Now wanted to remove only those capsules which are having "OFF" Status. Regards, Jitesh Vachheta
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