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  1. Hello , Can anyone please explain How to import excel file data in seeq workbench? I did not find and import excel button in toolbars! Thanks for your support, Regards,
  2. Thanks for your reply I have tried the same way and I was succeeded to auto update it but one problem appear , I loss cloumes in final output , previously I was having 3 columns but after applying the condition only one with no values. see the attachments for reference originally , it looks like this
  3. If we need to see three days data in scorecard and it needs to update automatically , how to set it in organiser topic? Can we keep one scorecard (5 set of values) and one trend view (6 trend) with different time range in same organizer page? Waiting for your reply
  4. Yes , it is different calculation . How to fix it? Second thing , Now I need to keep it update every 3 days interval in report organizer page, how can I automate it? so that whenever I open this report, it shows me 3 days old data form date of file opening? Can I combine two trend frame for different time span in same organizer page?
  5. Dear All, I would like to know how to set scorecard metrics for same time in all rows , Picture attached for reference. Regards,
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