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  1. Hi Thorsten, Thanks for the quick reply! I don't think that pertains to the error I'm getting. I believe it will remove the warning message on logon if you don't have enough RAM/Cores as per Seeq's recommendation. I'm getting that message too but you can just click the 'x' to remove it. The message I'm getting in the original post is more of an error message than a warning message and is actually shutting down the Seeq server, so disabling warning messages may not fix it. I'll give it a shot though. Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi Seeqers, Getting the error in the title on our Seeq server as the C Drive is getting absorbed by Windows (screenshot below). A couple of questions here: 1. Where can I edit the configuration to reduce the minimum free disk space requirement to say 5 GB? 2. If I follow the steps in this KB article https://support.seeq.com/space/KB/112822071/Seeq%20Configuration%20and%20User%20Data%20Files to change the data folder location to the D Drive, would that also resolve the issue? Thanks!
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