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  1. This works! thank you, Also noticed there are many times when the increment amount is 2 instead of 1 so seeing value start/end was helpful.
  2. Can you go through some of the theory of your formula so I can understand how to apply it to my data? When I use the above formula my capsules are various counts (3000 to 16000). My tag has a highly variable rate of change which I believe is the reason for my various counts.
  3. My Question matches the title of this post, but is a little different. I have a signal that is a counter (increments by 1 every time a product is made). The signal/tag value resets when it reaches 32000. I want to create a period condition that is every 5000 logs. So the time of each capsule may be different but the delta of my signal from start to end of each capsule is 5000, except for the instances where a reset occurs during the capsule when the delta will appear to be -27000.
  4. Thanks Allison! I currently have a use case where I'm looking at the transition of the mode of a piece of equipment, but I'm struggling to make the above code work for me. I want to look at the transition of mode 3 to 2 but I want my capsule to start at the time it entered state 3 and end when it leaves state 2. (not a set amount as shown in the example). I have some instances where this is 5 minutes and some where it is 2 seconds so using the transition text above some of my capsules have multiple transitions in them. (I shortened it to 4 seconds vs 1 minute to fix this, but then I can't get the information (performance of another tag) before/after that transition. Additionally, my equipment can enter and exit state 3 without passing through state 2 and enter/exit state 2 without passing through state 3, so I can't use the advanced value filter. I hope this is enough information to help answer my question. Thank you update: used simple composite condition of touches, Thank you
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