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  1. @John Cox... almost... I found a signal that indicated the production status, independent of the Can Size. This is the right trigger to calculate the STD per can I decrease the function to calculate it every 5 minutes, 30s 2 things.... can we add a (stepped) line.... and how we close the gaps... Due to calibrations, every 18 minutes or production interrupts there a gaps in the STD signal... can we fix this... ?? but many thanks for now... getting closer 😉
  2. Thanks for the reply... using the standard deviation, based on Signal from condition is a Time-Weighted STD and this will not work... It should be an event weighted Standard Deviation (each individual can) I will try your second suggestion....
  3. I have a can line, that can handle 3 types of can sizes.... 400gr, 850gr and 900gr. I have created a capsule, based on HI / LO limites (set in Asset Framework) and the CanSetpoint Now I want to calculate the standard deviation of the can weight. These are individual measurements and the timing depends on the line speed (unknown) I want to know the 10 minutes rolling standard deviation fill weight, within a capsule. So start capsule 400gr can - xx amount of can - time 00:00:00 till 00:10:00 - STD 1 minute later: 400gr can - xx amount of can - time 00:01:00 till 00:11:00 - STD etc... Suggestions ...?
  4. The problem is that the batchnr changes everytime... and the number of sub-batches also... The first 7 char. are unique and than it can be 001 till .... 00y. And we need to capture the total per unique batch xxxxxNR001 ... xxxxxNR00y for all batches, past , present and future...
  5. Hi Seeq.. it is possible to sum the "Product door UHT" and "Product naar Vullen\/Surgetank via NV1 klep" at the time of both sub-batches So I want to sum all bars (green and purple) where batch value 33780NR001 and 33780NR002 are true... please guide me towards a solution..
  6. Getting there... the Product ID capsule works good.... but the totalize calculation is.... the raw data is a counter (TOTAL since.... ) and not m3/h ..... --> it is m3
  7. Period, last 30 days I want to know, per product ID, no not just B335 (now a capsule) but for each change in product ID The total during that product ID for KWh, m3 gas and total product produced…. screen 1 - month of data screen 2 - zoom of 1 week
  8. getting close.. 😉 impressed.... can we have a short call (webex or team) so I can explain hands on.... I work in GMT+1 timezone...
  9. thanks ! will give it a try.... but there is a complication... (isn't it always... ;)) there is sometimes a reset within the batchstep..... t
  10. Dear.... I have a Question.... I have a continues batch process, marked by an UNIQUE Batch ID (Bleu stepped line) and I need to perform calculation per Batch ID. How would I do that.... Calculation: tot rejects per batch, per signal !!!..... but.... look closely.(SEE SECOND image...)... the batch step is triggered at the start of the filling process.... and some of the reject counter may still be working on the previous batch.... TIPS and TRICKS are welcom....
  11. in chain view, I can see boudries (see below), but no Broudries in capsule view… can you tell me why … ?? What am I doing wrong….. I created a view with boundries..... In calender and Chain view, I can see my boundries.... but in Capsule view not... what am I doing wrong....
  12. Hi all, Based on a conditions, I have create 3 capsules (trend value > 0.1) for three different equipment. What I want is to align these 3 capsules (and all the follow) to have the same start time.... #howto ??
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