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  1. Hi, I have a pure cosmetic request to help build cleaner dashboards in an Org Topic. Can we have the option to change a cell border colour or turn off a cell border? The cell border just adds too much fluff to the dashboard. In the example below, you can see some cells borders around the white cells that I cannot remove. Thanks, Darren
  2. Hello Katie, Thanks for the interest! The multiple output signals are needed for a multivariate estimation technique to compare estimated (or expected) signal values with vs. actual values. The prediction tool is used to calculate the estimated or expected signal value. I then create conditions on the absolute deltas between he estimated outputs and their actuals to provide early warning anomaly detection of deviations away from expected values. At the moment I need to build a seperate predictions to obtain the estimated signal for each output... I have attached a pdf wit
  3. Hi Theresa, I like this feature, a way to set some global defaults would also help to introduce some standardisation and would save configuration time... e.g. setting the default labels for all charts to show the UOM on the y-axis. Regards, Darren
  4. Please can the default labels be set to show the UOM on the y-Axis, it is a little frustrating to set that every time and it is good engineering practise to always show the UOM on the axis.
  5. When building predictions, it would save a lot of time if there was an option to select multiple outputs for the set of selected inputs. Each new predicted signal will need a name field to define the output signal name. At the moment, I have to configure a seperate prediction for each output signal.
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