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  1. Thanks for the post, Allison! I wanted to share how I took what you did and made it into rolling a "year to date" (YTD) metric, and other comparable metrics. I work in hydroelectric generation, so my utility operates a few dams. One of the things we want to track is how close our upstream water level (headwater) gets to our buffered operating limits (in this case I'm looking at buffered lower limit dips). Here's a screenshot of the example scorecard metrics I created: And here are the dependency trees: Here's how I did it: So, starting from the deepest part of the trees: ‘Yearly 1’ is common to all three. It is standard Periodic Condition for Yearly capsules. ‘Now Condition’ follows the forum post. Make this formula: condition(1min, capsule((now()-1min), now())) ‘Year Ago Now’ is based on the ‘Now Condition’ but you subtract off another year. Make this formula: condition(1min, capsule((now() - 1min - 1year), (now() - 1year))) ‘Current Year’ is a composite condition of ‘Yearly 1’ and ‘Now Condition’ using “Touches” ‘Last Year’ is a composite condition of ‘Yearly 1’ and ‘Year Ago Now’ using “Touches” ‘Rolling Year Condition’ is a formula. condition(1year, capsule((now()-1year), now())) ‘Year to Date’ is a composite condition of ‘Current Year’ and ‘Rolling Year Condition’ using “Intersection” (i.e. when is it both the current year and happening within the last year.) ‘Last Year to Date’ is a composite condition ‘Last Year’ and ‘Rolling Year Condition’ using “A minus B” (i.e. when is it last year but not within the last rolling year.) Then you can create your usual value based conditions. I used RI Headwater less than 610. Then you create your metrics! Here’s the screenshot of the Year to Date metric. To get Last YTD, you simply change the condition at the bottom to ‘Last Year to Date.’ The metrics refresh when you refresh the screen!
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