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  1. Hi, Currently, there is no Asset Framework, so it's not the case. As for the rest, it's a lot of information. I need some time to digest and implement it. Anyway, thanks for the superb detailed reply. I will come back if any questions occur
  2. Hi, I have the some analysis for Train 1 and I want to apply it to the Train 2. How to transfer it easily to another train without repeating all the steps? By formula? If, yes, then what are the functions? Below there is a screenshot of derived data. 1. There is a filter for valve 306 closed 2. There is a filter for valve 207 closed 3. Filter Tr1C1 no input, no output -> means the filter of intersection when valves 306&207 closed 4. Filtering the capsules which less then 6 hours 5. Filtering by another parameter that the production is more than 10000 t/d 6. Calculating C1 rate of change 7. Finally apply monthly capsule and calculate Monthly Average
  3. Hi, I need to calculate average flowrate, but for some specific case and I want to filter short capsules. Is there a possibility to filter capsules shorter than X minutes/hours?
  4. Hi, Thorsten I used the second option and it helped Thanks for the help
  5. Hi, I'm using the signals as boundaries. Sometimes they are equal. In this case, seeq do not show them. Is it possible to show them on the diagram?
  6. I need to receive the starting time of the water breakthrough in absorbers. For that I do following: Filtering the signal of water content to smooth it. Creating the derivative of the water content to use it further to find where the water content increasing Creating the conditions: A. when the inlet valve is open (adsorbtion cycle) B. when the water content is higher than 0.5 (for 5 min) C. when the derivative is higher than 0.0001 to find the increasing of the water content 4. Creating the composite conditions: AA. intersection of A & B BB. intersection of AA & C Probably it's not the optimal solution, but it works (see pic below). A, B, C...etc are the conditions (see above). Question: How to remove all other capsules which are within the specified conditions? I need only the first capsule in BB (there are 2 capsules at the pic below, I need only first). I will then export this info to excel and extract only the start time. Therefore, all other capsules except first are trash.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to calculate the duration of valve opening (from time when change from "close" to "not close" to time when change from "not close" to "close") I've tried to do this by derivative function, but the values are string type. For the period of time, e.g. a year need to receive the number of the scalar values of these periods and then perform some calculations with formula with each of that scalar value.
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