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  1. This is a little similar when you want to calculate averages of a variable but only using positive data. Negative data out! Like you taught me. Great!
  2. Hi all, i would appreciate your help with one workbook that I built. There are some calculations and charts that take a long time for loading and red triangles appear (see file attachment). I get the following error message: ERROR 2020-10-18T22:10:08.645-03:00 [SeeqUserScheduler_Worker-8] c.s.a.j.s.JobUtilities - Job ScreenshotCapture.ScreenshotCapture-Mzk2YWRiOTUyZDAzNmM4OTM1NTUwNjM2OTZmYzc0NTc= failed (count: 1): javax.ws.rs.WebApplicationException: {"statusMessage":"Headless capture failed. Timeout after 15 minutes waiting for worksheet to load.","statusCode":504} at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.util.ScreenshotService.lambda$captureBytes$0(ScreenshotService.java:138) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.util.ScreenshotService.performRequestWithSsl(ScreenshotService.java:236) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.util.ScreenshotService.captureBytes(ScreenshotService.java:113) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.scheduler.LiveScreenshotJob.lambda$execute$5(LiveScreenshotJob.java:332) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.scheduler.JobUtilities.runSafelyWithTiming(JobUtilities.java:116) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.scheduler.JobUtilities.runSafelyWithTiming(JobUtilities.java:166) at com.seeq.appserver.jobs.scheduler.LiveScreenshotJob.execute(LiveScreenshotJob.java:224) at org.quartz.core.JobRunShell.run(JobRunShell.java:202) at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$WorkerThread.run(SimpleThreadPool.java:573) Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? I hope that someone can help me. Thanks, Felipe
  3. Hi All, How I could get the previuos version of a workbook? Is it possible? Regards, Felipe
  4. Hi Teddy, Thanks for your reply. The Seeq version that I am using is R22.0.48.03-v202006281910. Would I have to update Seeq? Regards, Felipe
  5. Hi all, I would appreciate your help about an error message that i got importing a boolean signal from PI into Seeq. If I build a trend in PI Vison, the values are 0 or 1. On the other hand, if i search the current value using PI Data Link, I get False or True values. Error message in Seeq: "Error getting data: Non-string-valued samples are prohibited in string-valued signals at 'spikeCatcher', line=1, column=9. To retry, use the button to the right" Thanks, Felipe
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