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  1. Hi @Allison Buenemann. Thanks for the reply. Could you further expound (screenshots appreciated)? I read the wiki page above but it doesn't really show how to import the capsule properties. It just infers you can. Maybe I missed it.
  2. Hi @Allison Buenemann. I'm so glad I ran into this post!! This is exactly what I need to do. I did notice this post is over a year old, and wondering if there is now a easier\less formula intensive way to do this? It's so common to have additional attributes in spreadsheet data that need to be in SEEQ as capsule properties I'm hoping the process is perhaps more automated, "spoon fed", faster, streamlined now, etc. Thanks again.
  3. OK. Upgraded. Is there a way to keep a label persist or stay on if you navigate away? "Shift" and click does not appear to work like it does on trend.
  4. Awesome Joe!! Thank you. I'll upgrade to R50 today! I was one version behind.
  5. It would be wonderful if when you hover over data points on the scatter plot a cursor would appear with the values and date\time next to the dot, similarly to how the cursor works on the trend view. It would also be nice to be able to drop a cursor to keep a values highlighted as well (again like you can on the trend view). It is annoying that the only location the information is displayed is down in the details pane. Your eyes have to cover a lot of screen real estate to get the information for just one point of data.
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