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  1. Hi Sivaji, Thank you for your feedback! We do have an open feature request for this enhancement, but I don't have a timeline for its development. If you email this same request to [email protected], I will make sure we link your Support Ticket to our work order so you receive updates when the enhancement is available. Regards, Katie
  2. Hi Darren, We working towards enhancing the formatting options in Organizer Topics, and your input is much appreciated. I've created a Support Ticket with your request that will be automatically updated when development on this effort is completed. Regards, Katie
  3. Thank you for that clarification, Darren. I have included these details in a Support Ticket. We appreciate your feedback! Regards, Katie
  4. Hi Darren, Can you give me a little more information about what you are trying to accomplish with multiple outputs? Given one set of selected inputs, are you hoping to create a prediction output for each scale (linear, logarithmic, polynomial, expanded basis) to compare against each other? Thank you, Katie
  5. Thank you for your input, Darren. I have logged your advocacy for this feature request in a Support Ticket. You will be notified through that ticket about development updates. Regards, Katie
  6. Hi Felipe, I see you have also sent in a Support Ticket regarding this issue. Someone on our team will review your logs and reach out to you through the ticket with recommendations. Regards, Katie
  7. That's a great thought! And one that has been brought up by other users, as well. Seeq does not currently have the capability to automatically export a report to PDF on a periodic basis, but it is on our road map. If you would like to advocate for the development of this feature and be notified about which version it will be released in, please email [email protected] with your request and any particular details around why you would like this capability. Regards, Katie
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