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  1. Thanks for sharing, I'd not figured out a vertical line method. For horizontal I'd used: 55*$x/$x
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to edit an existing OData export? Such as the time frequency or what tags are included? Or do I have to create a new one and then swap the table on the application reading it? Thanks.
  3. Hello, How would you adopt that last method such that you're binning by the name of each signal? So you'd have Avg of Temp 1, Avg Temp 2, ..., as the bins rather than temperature ranges? I started along the lines of a signal to capsule and making a property for the name but couldn't quite figure it all out. thanks.
  4. Lindsay, thanks for that. It's great that many of them are already feature request tickets.
  5. Here are some items I'd like to request for scatter plots: Change the x and y axis range by typing in the values. Like customise in trend view. Scrolling and dragging can be painful, particularly if I have multiple scatter plots I want to have the same range so I can show them together in Organizer. Filter by a/multiple specific condition(s), not all present Add multiple trends to either x or y axis Gradient color by time, e.g. oldest to newest as lightest to darkest Be able to edit the color by start and end ranges Have the label show values of other signals at that timestamp Draw a freeform shape to select points from plot to make a condition - not just a rectangle. I know there are a few workarounds to these items but any of these additional features would be great. thanks.
  6. Okay no problem. I can copy it and rewrite...asking for the password was the least effort option 😅 Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Would you mind sharing the password to the excel file so I can edit it?
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