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  1. Although i know it is already quite a few months off, but I thought I should write something up maybe for future users. You would need the proxy enabled on your Data lab Server and also the https://pypi.org need to be added to the whitelisted site for the firewall to allow the traffic to pass through. Once you are done with that You can use the following command to make sure you are directing the terminal to forcefully use the Proxy pip install xlwt --proxy http://proxyserver:port if you are looking to make it global run this before the above one. export PYTHONUSERBASE=/seeq/python/global-packages you can run this under the new terminal from the datalab. the above helped me over come the same error. Hope it helps.
  2. Hi all, We had the Kerberos authentication enabled earlier. As mentioned in the documentation, it is mandatory for the seeq site to be trusted for it to resolve using SSO. We have the site already under trust, but still the seeq url is not resolving SSO but rather prompting user and password as normal. on Server side, adding the url to Intra zone made it to connect. Can anyone elaborate what specific AD policy might be blocking the SSO from Seeq if the site is already under whitelist for the users. or is it mandatory for it to be under the intranet of IE security settings for it to work? If anyone can shed light on it will be really helpful. Thanks.
  3. Hi Seeq Experts: Recently we configured Kerberos for our Seeq Server as mentioned in the documentation. We set the SPN mapping for the service account. it was configured on secure port 443. Now if we are disabling the port 443 and enabling 80 the URL is not connecting. We need to disable the port 443 and enable 80 for the purpose of security scanning. The question is that is it possible the Kerberos may have restricted the unsecure connectivity since it is working fine on secure port 443? Need help on it.
  4. Thanks a lot for the response. Yes the same article I used to configure. Even after getting all the steps done, auto login and default id as well set, and testing from my separate machine, it is still prompting username password to login. will try to raise a ticket for the matter, in the meanwhile if you can direct anything i can check, i have checked the SPN setting and service account used, it is correct, what else could be checked? BR Muhammad
  5. Not exactly similar to this topic, but i was enabling the kerberos authentication on the windows based Seeq system. The guidelines mentioned in the article for authenticiation has been completely followed, including getting SPN registered, service account and NTLM has been working fine so no issue of trust. After getting the SPN done, the browser is still asking for a login credentials. Is there anything else that need to be done to make it SSO, as the steps mentioned on Seeq article does not seem to fulfil the task? Any help will be good. Thanks! PS. i am trying to use a different computer in the network to test the kerberos and not the seeq machine as suggested in the article.
  6. Well infact, i cleaned all the folders from all drives which were seeq associated. My timezone is UTC +3 will be available after 10.30 UTC+3
  7. Can we connect tomorrow morning to have a discussion on it, i will not be able to join at 4.
  8. Yes, i have been working with the representative team, but thought to post here in case anyone has some different answer or has seen this before.
  9. Yes tried that too, after uninstalling it completely and installing a fresh copy. Still the problem persisted.
  10. Nop it is not starting, it is prompting this error and not going forward from the columnar database migration step.
  11. what does this error specifies to as i am not being able to understand what the problem is, if i can understand any issue with security end or whatever it can be addressed, but this error is too vague to understand for me. the error is copied from the unified log
  12. well it is a fresh installation not an upgrade. the installation was successful, all the necessary changes were done to the configuration files.
  13. I have been trying to install the seeq server application. even after getting all the whitelistings and digital signings done, still the server is not starting and getting this error [Cassandra ] 14:07:04.609 [main] ERROR o.a.c.service.CassandraDaemon - Exception encountered during startup it is getting stuck on Columnar database migration. have tried to reinstall it multiple times but the issue persists. Can anyone guide what the concern is and how to resolve it? Expecting an early response. BR
  14. Hi All, Just wanted to know how can we build a data table for example a steam table in seeq. Is there any way other than the excel import for the data to move the data tables in seeq for analysis? Thanks.
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