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  1. Thanks Teddy, Can you create & activate different virtual environments within SEEQ Data Lab? In this case still have python 3.8, but create different environments with different package versions. Thank you, Nate
  2. Hello, Note: I am using the learn.seeq.com environment of SEEQ Data Lab. I see that SEEQ Data Lab uses python version 3.8.8. I have some scripts / packages that work on an earlier version of python. Is there a way to install a different version of python on SEEQ Data Lab? I tried apt-get python3.7.9, but I don't appear to have permissions to do so. Additionally, it would be nice to setup different virtual environments that may use different packages & python versions. Is there a way to create a different virtual environment within SEEQ Data Lab? I tried creating one with conda, and it gets created. However, SEEQ Data Lab throws an error when attempting to activate it. Thank you, Nate
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