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  1. When I post a comment directly in Jira, or when I reply to a support email, I then get an emails with the text of my comment in it. This is useless and annoying. When I see an email from Seeq I want it to be from Seeq, not from me.
  2. In the Seeq home page, I would like to be able to type in a user's name (first, last, ID) to be able to filter by owner. Right now I can sort by owner name, but if their name starts with M and I have a ton of Analyses, that's a lot of scrolling. It would be great if I could just see the items belonging to the person I'm interested in.
  3. @Mike Daly, that's almost exactly what we're looking for. Any chance someone could set that as their default? @Chris Orr, thanks for the alternatives. I'll pass that on to our guys as we wait for the next release. I think adding them all to one trend is probably the closest for what we want.
  4. Right, I meant to mention that. We were shown that, but it's 3 mouse clicks and 2 keyboard strokes, so really not a good option.
  5. Right now the only way to remove a stream from the Trend window is to delete it from Details. But say I have 10 streams, and I want to take a quick look at how two of them relate. If I want to temporarily isolate them I can 1) create a copy of the workbook and delete the other 8 2) save the 8 streams to Journal delete them, then bring them back 3) if I'm lucky and all 8 of them feed an calculation I have, then I can delete them and bring them back in from the Derived window 4) hope they all stay in my recent tags list. It would be super useful if I could just Hide a stream from the Trend window. Wouldn't that be so simple?
  6. Right now, the Workbench can get a little crowded with the Details, Workbook navigation, and Data/Tools/Journal section. With all of that the Trend pane can get pretty small and might be hard to take a good visual look at the trends. It would be nice if there was a toggle where I could switch between Trend as it is and Trend full screen. Just like when watching a YouTube video in my browser I can quickly toggle between full screen and regular, I would like to be able to do that with the Trend window.
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