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  1. I have a signal that outputs ID numbers, but sometimes outputs the same ID multiple times. Is there a way I can delete, reccuring outputs? Thanks, Rohan
  2. Was having trouble with the transform/replace function. Was wondering if I have a signal that produces strings, how I can replace the last two or three digits depending on the size of the string. If the string is 22 characters long, I want to remove the last two digits, while if the string is 23 characters long I want to remove the last 3 characters. For example, if the string is 000000000-000-00BRX111-2, want to remove just the -2 part. Thanks
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was a guide to making process diagrams like the one below (from the Seeq training) Best, Rohan
  4. Hi Joe, Thank you for the help. I used your method and it worked for the "trend view", however, scientific notation still showed up for the "treemap" view. Is there any way to change this?
  5. Hi, I was using the toNumber() function to convert a string to a useable number, however, ran into a problem where the resulting number was converted to scientific notation and all of the non leading digits were lost. Is there any way to keep the precision of the number? Below is the formula I used $string = "123456789123456" $string.toNumber() Result was 1*10^14
  6. Hi, I wanted to display the Batch ID of each batch in each given reactor in the treemap view, but was having trouble as the treemap doesn't seem to accept strings and the Batch ID data is in the form of "000000000-000-000". I was wondering if there was any way to solve this problem. I thought of two possible solutions, but was unsure how to implement them. 1. Convert the Batch ID data from string form ("000000000-000-000") to integer form ("000000000000000") and then run it through treemap as treemap accepts integers. 2. Code it in such a way that the treemap accepts the string (unsure about this one). Please let me know if you can help. Either solution would be fine.
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