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  1. I am working with our customers who are also using Seeq but the person I am working with wanted to know if he can export the signal (like the manual import CSV) in excel format. The company set up their data linked with the DeltaV for data acquisition so he can't provide me with the data to support him for analysis. They also can't create another company VPN account for me as I am an external/vendor of their company. I came across this function as I was trying to export the data in Excel following the instructions below But I receive the message below I have the Seeq sign-in credentials. Is there another step I missed?
  2. Hi Teddy, Thank you for the response. I have a set of data that are measured every 0.03 mins and I would like the data to be visualized as a cumulative sum of every 3 mins. I may have used the wrong formula. How should I share the worksheet with you?
  3. I have this formula but I am trying to modify it to calculate cumulative sum of data every 3 minutes. The data I have are generated every 0.03 min. What should I put in the periods (blank) here or do I need another formula? $Periods = periods( blank ) $average = $acc.aggregate(average(), $periods, durationkey()) $difference = $acc - $average $difference.aggregate(sum(), $periods, durationkey())
  4. That would be great, Sean. Please attach me to that item. Thank you!
  5. Thank you, Andrew. I just realized I might have asked the wrong question. I understand that it would be easier to use the formula in excel to add another column as datetime. I am trying to find out if there is a way to not do that and still import the csv file into SeeQ, determine the datetime data without the column if the dashboard has a function to combine both data without a data table.
  6. I am having trouble importing CSV file with a time column. I have 2 columns related to time, 1 is date and 1 is time. However, I am getting an error message (see below). I am also not able to import multiple CSV files. I am not sure if that is never available to begin with.
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