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  1. Hi Teddy, Thank you for the response. I have a set of data that are measured every 0.03 mins and I would like the data to be visualized as a cumulative sum of every 3 mins. I may have used the wrong formula. How should I share the worksheet with you?
  2. I have this formula but I am trying to modify it to calculate cumulative sum of data every 3 minutes. The data I have are generated every 0.03 min. What should I put in the periods (blank) here or do I need another formula? $Periods = periods( blank ) $average = $acc.aggregate(average(), $periods, durationkey()) $difference = $acc - $average $difference.aggregate(sum(), $periods, durationkey())
  3. That would be great, Sean. Please attach me to that item. Thank you!
  4. Thank you, Andrew. I just realized I might have asked the wrong question. I understand that it would be easier to use the formula in excel to add another column as datetime. I am trying to find out if there is a way to not do that and still import the csv file into SeeQ, determine the datetime data without the column if the dashboard has a function to combine both data without a data table.
  5. I am having trouble importing CSV file with a time column. I have 2 columns related to time, 1 is date and 1 is time. However, I am getting an error message (see below). I am also not able to import multiple CSV files. I am not sure if that is never available to begin with.
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