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  1. Hello, I have a set of data that I want to display on a scatterplot, and color code by "in range" and "out of range". I have created one composite condition for "in range" based on when both x and y are in range, and another for "out of range" based on when either x or y is out of range. "in range" displays green, and "out of range" displays red. On a normal trend, the conditions work great, but as soon as I put it on a scatterplot, there are some red dots appearing in range, and some green dots appearing out of range. After about 30 minutes of frustration, I realized that the incorrect colors are appearing at the exact second that the signal changes between conditions. So every time the signal changes from "in range" to "out of range" or vis versa, 2 points appear on the same spot but one is green and one is red. I also tried using the Scatter Plot Selection tool to set the in range values and had the same issue Photo with the in range area highlighted for reference Is there an easier way to do this? Or an easy fix with how I'm currently doing it? Please help!
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