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  1. Great Thorsten! Thank you. This is exactly what I need. Regards Matthias
  2. Hello everybody, I have a signal (e.g. of a valve) that is 1.0 for being open and 0 for being closed. I would like to calculate the percentage temporal progress of this signal during the 1.0 period. Please refer to the figure I added. -> In the end I would like to create a signal that shows me the temporal percentage progress every time the signal valve opens (i.e. the signal becomes 1.0). Thank you. Regards Matthias
  3. Wow! Very good description and explanation! Thank you very much - it worked for me.
  4. Hello everybody, I am very new to SEEQ and have the following problem/question: I would like to identify each maximum peak of the blue curve (shown below in the figure). Then I would like to compare each maximum peak's value - meaning something like the rate of change of lets say one peak and the upcoming peak. In the end I want to detect a significant change of the signal (marked by red X's) and would like to know its duration (marked by the red arrows). Thank you. Regards Matthias
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