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  1. Hello everybody,

    I have the following question:

    I am building an organizer topic, where I display averages per months of different phases of this year: 


    I did this with the scorecard metric and it worked very well. However, I would like to display the average of each of these columns (phases) of the complete year in the last row below Dez.22. How can I do that? Ofc. I know how to calculate the average of the phases (columns) per year but how to display them the way I described above.

    Any Ideas? Thank you very much.

    Regards Matthias

  2. Hello,

    I would like to determine the mass [kg] per month of the shown signal. The signal is a sum counter.

    The problem is that the signal only counts up to 1.0e+7 kg and then drops down to 27kg (sometimes 9kg or different values).

    I guess I have to start to somehow identify the max and min peaks, calculate the difference for each drop and then summarize this over the month. This is the theory - but how does it work in practice?

    Thank you.




  3. Hello everybody,


    I have a signal (e.g. of a valve) that is 1.0 for being open and 0 for being closed. I would like to calculate the percentage temporal progress of this signal during the 1.0 period. Please refer to the figure I added.

    -> In the end I would like to create a signal that shows me the temporal percentage progress every time the signal valve opens (i.e. the signal becomes 1.0).

    Thank you.



    seeq question.png

  4. Hello everybody,

    I am very new to SEEQ and have the following problem/question:

    I would like to identify each maximum peak of the blue curve (shown below in the figure). Then I would like to compare each maximum peak's value - meaning something like the rate of change of lets say one peak and the upcoming peak. In the end I want to detect a significant change of the signal (marked by red X's) and would like to know its duration (marked by the red arrows).

    Thank you.

    Regards Matthias395914719_SeeqQuestion.thumb.jpg.6f7672f89cb2bfe27526e0460c22d295.jpg

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