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  1. Hello! Checking the version was both very obvious and very smart. Up to this point I had assumed my organization was using the latest version, lol. I will inquire about an upgrade, but my organization is fairly large and consequently slow to change. I'll try to find some V50 examples and make another attempt. Thanks again!
  2. Hello! Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate the assistance. I have updated the formula as you suggested, but am still getting the same error (snapshot in attached image). I am running SEEQ version R50.5.1-v202105080211
  3. Hello! I am running into an issue while trying to assign property values to existing conditions. I've been trying to figure this out on my own for a while - there are a lot of great resources out there but I am still stuck. I'm not able to share snapshots of my actual production data, but I was able to replicate the issue using the "example" dataset. In the Attached image, I am looking at the 'Viscosity-Seeq' and 'BatchID-Seeq' signals. I created a condition for the BatchID using the formula $bs.tocondition('BATCH_ID') Then for this example, I am trying to assign the property of 'visc avg' to the BATCH_ID condition (called $bitc) $bitc.setproperty('visc avg', $vs, average()) However, I keep getting the error message of No variant of function 'setproperty' consumes the parameters (Condition, Scalar, Signal, Stat:Sample:Scalar) at 'setproperty' I'm sure I will embarrass myself once I figure out what I have done wrong, but at the moment I am very confused. I used this recent post, as well as many others for inspiration and troubleshooting.
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