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  1. While building an asset tree using spy.assets, the display items of a worksheet can be defined under @Asset.Display(). The list below shows the options that can be set for each parameter of the display pane: Color: str = any valid color hex for example #4055a3, #068c45, #9d248f. Line Style: str = {'Solid', 'Short Dash', 'Short Dash-Dot', 'Short Dash-Dot-Dot', 'Dot', 'Long Dash', 'Dash-Dot', 'Long Dash-Dot', 'Long Dash-Dot-Dot'} Line Width: float = {1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, ...9.5, 10} Lane: int = {1, 2, ...} Samples Display: str = {'Line', 'Line and Sample', 'Samples', 'Bars'} Axis Auto Scale: bool Axis Align: str = {'Left', 'Right'} Axis Group: str = {'A', 'B', ...} Axis Max: float Axis Min: float One example of display items set using @Asset.Display(): @Asset.Display() def Bar_Graph (self, metadata, analysis): worksheet = analysis.worksheet('BarGraph') workstep = worksheet.workstep('BarGraph') workstep.display_items = [{ "Item": self.Signal_1(), "Axis Group": "A", "Axis Auto Scale": True, "Lane": 1, "Line Style": "Solid", "Line Width": 10, "Samples Display": "Bars", "Color": "#4055A3" }, { "Item": self.self.Signal_2(), "Axis Group": "B", "Axis Auto Scale": True, "Lane": 1, "Line Style": "Short Dash", "Line Width": 1, "Samples Display": "Line", "Color": "#9D248F" }, { "Item": self.self.Signal_3(), "Axis Group": "B", "Axis Auto Scale": True, "Lane": 1, "Line Style": "Solid", "Line Width": 1, "Samples Display": "Line and Sample", "Color": "#CE561B" }, { "Item": self.self.Signal_4(), "Axis Group": "C", "Axis Auto Scale": False, "Axis Align": "Right", "Axis Max": 100.5, "Axis Min": 10, "Lane": 1, "Line Style": "Solid", "Line Width": 1, "Samples Display": "Samples", "Color": "#00A2DD" }] workstep.display_range = {'Start': '2020-06-11T00:00:00', 'End': '2020-07-12T00:00:00'} workstep.view = 'Trend' return workstep
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