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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have any idea for the following statement? "Select A, If Duration of B>D and D>C or Select A if B started before D and C" or anything to select all capsules of A by comparison of capsule (B-C-D) durations.
  2. Hi Siti Tay, Thanks a lot for your help and answer, There are two problems for using the Join with unchecking "Inclusive of A" and "Inclusive of B": 1- I have different size of capsules 1 hr to 5 hr. When I increase the amount of maximum capsule duration, Capsule C starts from capsule A that is one before the left side of C, see below: A=amount of maximum capsule duration=2hr (I could not see a capsule between A1 and B1) B=amount of maximum capsule duration=3hr (Now, Capsule C is incorrect) I want something to join just two different capsules (A,B) before and after a capsule for any duration When capsule A is before B. 2-also in join, I have to select two different capsules, Sometimes I have to find capsule C between two capsules A when the duration is less than a certain amount. Thanks again, Javad
  3. Hi, How Can I select Capsule C those are between two different capsules (A and B)? It means I am looking for Capsules of Cs those are started after capsule A and finished before capsule B. Thanks
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