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Found 3 results

  1. I want to identify the change in value of my signal after a change has occurred. My signal is generally constant (with typical noise) aside from when an event occurs during which there is a step change in the value of the signal.
  2. I've got a signal with drop-outs and I want to filter my signal to only visualize samples with values above a threshold. Is there a quick way to do this in Seeq?
  3. I need to receive the starting time of the water breakthrough in absorbers. For that I do following: Filtering the signal of water content to smooth it. Creating the derivative of the water content to use it further to find where the water content increasing Creating the conditions: A. when the inlet valve is open (adsorbtion cycle) B. when the water content is higher than 0.5 (for 5 min) C. when the derivative is higher than 0.0001 to find the increasing of the water content 4. Creating the composite conditions: AA. intersection of A & B BB. intersection of AA & C Probably it's not the optimal solution, but it works (see pic below). A, B, C...etc are the conditions (see above). Question: How to remove all other capsules which are within the specified conditions? I need only the first capsule in BB (there are 2 capsules at the pic below, I need only first). I will then export this info to excel and extract only the start time. Therefore, all other capsules except first are trash.
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