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Found 2 results

  1. Hi- I'm looking for some help. How do I calculate the total amount of time that my line is running per day? Thanks! Sam
  2. Hello, I wanted to create a combination of conditions thru formulas (using valueSearch and then intersect), with the resultant condition being an intersection of those previous conditions. One of them though is a condition that the machine should be running. It just so happens that in reality, this machine runs 95% of the month. So then the capsule for this is a long one. I formulate the condition and execute but i get a yellow "i" mark instead of the rocket icon in the Details pane. The message says that Value search exceeded maximum duration. One solution is to enlarge the max duration of the valueSearch to say, 30 days. However i have several conditions and I understand if i do this, it would slow down performance. Is there a better way to formulate 3-4 conditions in a combination condition - to avoid this "i" mark and at the same time not hog down the performance? Thank you
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