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Howdy SeeQers.  I am going through the SeeQ Training  - on the left I see "Resources" and I can download "SeeQ Workbench user Guide"  - this is good I am much better at devouring the 112 page PDF searching for things I want to try with my own data than wroking through the "rigid" examples in the training.

However this refers to a number of other articles e.g.  "related article: Import CSV Files." on pp64.    But the hyperlink in the PDF does not work.  


QUESTION : Where can I find this (and other) articles refered to in the training guide.


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Hello Carl,

I'm glad you've found the user guide helpful. You may find these linked articles in our Seeq Knowledge Base (Seeq KB), https://seeq12.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/overview. Seeq KB is updated more frequently than the PDF guides. The content of PDF guides originates from the Seeq KB.

Here, you may enter a search term such as, "Import CSV," to view articles containing that term. The article you are referring to is here: https://seeq12.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/112823079/Import+CSV+Files

I'll add the content of the above-linked article to the PDF User Guide and check on the other links.

Thank you,


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THANKS!  - got to  like the response speed, post, go and get a coffee and the answer is in my inbox when I return...

I think my problem is the format of the timestring.  It's formatted for UK Excel:


08/10/2018 15:34,ExampleFilename,10,20

But I see in the article all the Excel formats  are in the US Month/Day format.

M/d/yyyy HH:mm

The CSV comes from a "pre processing" Python script so I can  change the CSV format to say ISO 8601 but before I do just want to check if it will indeed only read month/day/year in excel format.

Got to run now - to be continued.....


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