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  • Seeq's Software Assurance Policy

    Steve Sliwa

    This describes the Seeq technical support and maintenance program for Seeq's on-premise offerings and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Note the SaaS offering requires installation and running Seeq Connectors on the licensee's premise. 

    The Seeq Software Assurance Program is included with Seeq software subscriptions. Below are the terms and conditions of the Seeq Software Assurance Program:

    1. Services 
      1. Designated System Manager. As a condition to Seeq's performance of the Seeq Software Assurance Program, Licensee must designate one or more "System Manager(s)" as the individual(s) responsible for maintaining the integrity of the hardware and software of the system of which the Seeq Products are a part (the "System"). Licensee is responsible for maintaining individual(s) trained as System Manager(s). Seeq will supply the Seeq Software Assurance contact information to the System Manager(s)
      2. Seeq Software Assurance Program Services.
        1. Technical Support. System Manager with the contact information for the designated Seeq Technical Support. The System Manager will be entitled to contact the Seeq Software Assurance during regular business hours to ask questions or seek advice regarding the use of the Seeq Products. Seeq will assist the System Manager in using the Seeq Products and in identifying and providing workarounds, if possible, for problems with the Seeq Products.
        2. Such assistance may include computer communications to Licensee's facilities. Seeq will use its best efforts to respond to all Seeq Software Assurance queries, during regular business hours, within 4 hours. 
        3. Regular Business Hours. Regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 6PM Pacific Time zone. Holidays are excluded from Normal Business Hours.
        4. Product Suggestions. Licensee may submit product suggestions to Seeq identifying desired improvements in the Seeq Products. Seeq retains the right to determine the final disposition of all such suggestions and Licensee recognizes that Seeq is free to use such suggestions in any manner. If Seeq decides in its sole judgment to incorporate any such suggestion, it will do so by providing Licensee with an Update, as described in subsection (e) below. 
        5. Bug Fixes. Seeq will use reasonable efforts to provide Licensee with an avoidance procedure for and a correction of each material defect in the Seeq Products that cause the Seeq Products not to conform in all material respects with the Seeq Documentation (a "Bug Fix").
        6. Software Updates. As Seeq develops permanent solutions for known Seeq Products problems, Seeq will, from time to time, incorporate such solutions into planned updates to the Seeq Products, as applicable, ("Updates"). Such Updates may also include those enhancements and extensions or other changes to the Seeq Products as are determined by Seeq to be suitable for the uses made of the Seeq Products by Seeq's licensees and are provided by Seeq to its other licensees without additional charge.
          1. On-Premise: Seeq will provide Licensee's whose Subscription or Support fees are current with such Updates as they are released. Seeq will provide Licensee with such instructions and/or documentation that Seeq considers reasonably necessary to assist in a smooth transition to use of such Updates. Use of some Updates may require Licensee’s agreement to additional usage terms.
          2. SaaS: Seeq SaaS offerings always run the latest version of Seeq. Seeq will provide the System Manager(s) 1 week notice of all upgrades. This notice will include release notes and will also highlight significant updates to the service. 
        7. Software Update Schedule. Seeq strives for quarterly software releases. The 12 months release schedule is available by written request. 
        8. On-premise only: Software Update Acceptance. System Manager(s) may request access to Software Update Release Candidates for the purpose of testing  the Software Updates. The System Manager(s) may contact Seeq to report bugs or unexpected behaviuor of the Seeq Update Release. Seeq Vice President of Engineering and Vice President of Customer Success will access the report and decide to address the bugs or unexpected behaviour prior to the Software Update Release. 
        9. Complaints. System Manager(s) may contact Seeq Software Assurance with any complaint of the Seeq Products, Seeq Service, Seeq Policies, or Seeq Personnel actions (Complaint). Seeq will use reasonable efforts to address the Complaint. Complaints not addressed by Seeq Software Assurance may be escalated as stated in subsection (i).
        10. Cases. Seeq Software Assurance will assign a Case ID to all Technical Support, Product Requests, and Complaints. The Case ID will be given to the System Manager(s). System Manager(s) must reference the Case ID when contacting Seeq Software Assurance regarding the Case. System Manager(s) may request a list of all active Cases. Cases will remain open and active until satisfactorily addressed and accepted by the System Manager(s).
        11. Escalations. System Manager(s) may request escalation of any Case. Escalated cases will be addressed by the VP of Customer Success. All Escalated Cases will be reviewed by the Seeq Executive Team during scheduled Executive Team meetings. 
      3. Contact Information. Software Assurance Program support engineers may be contacted by emailing support@seeq.com or via a form at http://success.seeq.com 
      4. Remote Support Service. Remote Support Service for Seeq Products involves the use of remote data links from Seeq to Licensee's System to render the services to Licensee described in Section 1.b above. Seeq will maintain compatible equipment to be able to remotely operate on Licensee's System. For SaaS offering, remote support service applies to the components that are installed or run on the licensees premise. For example, Seeq Connectors and Seeq browser based applications. In order to receive Remote Support Service for Seeq Products, Licensee must meet the following prerequisites:
        1. Licensee must allow an Seeq approved 3rd Party remote control tool or another Seeq approved connection to the System, which, at a minimum, will accept reports, messages, and file transfers and a separate telephone line for simultaneous voice communication located with the System.
        2. Licensee's System must be available to Seeq when required, and Seeq must have a logon, password, and sufficient priority to access the System when needed.
    2. Conditions to the Seeq Software Assurance Program. All Seeq Software Assurance Program services to be rendered by Seeq hereunder are subject to the following conditions
      1. Nonqualified Products. Seeq shall have no obligations or responsibilities of any kind hereunder with respect to any hardware or software product other than the Seeq Products ("Nonqualified Products"). Nonqualified Products shall also include any custom application programs or other software developed by Seeq for Licensee. If the performance by Seeq of the Seeq Software Assurance Program is made more difficult or impaired because of Nonqualified Products, Seeq shall so notify Licensee, and Licensee will immediately remove the Nonqualified Product at its own risk and expense during any efforts to render services under this Agreement. Licensee shall be solely responsible for the compatibility and functioning of Nonqualified Products with the Seeq Products or the Seeq Remote Application. 
      2. System Release Versions. All Licensee System hardware and software must be maintained at the Release Version level deemed necessary by Seeq for proper operation of the Seeq Products. 
      3. On-premise: Backup Procedures. Licensee is solely responsible for maintaining a procedure external to the Seeq Products for reconstruction of lost or altered files, data, or programs to the extent deemed necessary by Licensee and for actually reconstructing any lost or altered files, data or programs.
      4. Operator Procedures. Licensee shall at all times follow routine operator procedures as specified in Seeq documentation.
      5. Isolation. Licensee is solely responsible for ensuring that the System is isolated from any process links or anything else that could cause harm before requesting or receiving Remote Support Service or on-site assistance.


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