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Ability to apply SEEQ formula calculations in DataLab and minimize SEEQ interactions


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I was wondering if we can do all the SEEQ calculations within DataLab itself without pushing and pulling to SEEQ? For example if I have input signals as a dataframe with timestamped index and I wanted to apply some-kind of SEEQ formulas for example like a advanced value search, as of now I do following steps

1. Push the input signal to SEEQ

2. Apply formula from DataLab on the input signal and push the formula to SEEQ

3. Pull back the results of the calculated formula from SEEQ.

I wanted minimize or avoid SEEQ interactions and calculate the results directly in the DataLab.  For basic calculations I can use equivalent python/pandas functions, however for SEEQ specific calculations I need to follow the above procedures.

Is this feature available now or in the roadmap?




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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji, in some cases you can cut this workflow down to two steps. In the spy.pull command, there is an option to include a calculation parameter that would apply a Seeq formula on the pulled data, allowing you to bypass Step 2 of pushing a formula calculation. This only works for calculations with a single input (think taking a weekly average or apply a filter) so if you're looking to make more complex formulas, you'll still need to follow the workflow you mentioned above

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